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  • OMS hydraulic motor
  • NHM hydraulic motor
  • Travelling reducer
  • Hydraulic winch
  • Horizontal Drum Cutter
  • Vertical Drum Cutter
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    Years of specialized research. In innovation and exploration

    Ningbo Oushijie Hydraulic transmission Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful scenery, outstanding coastal city - Ningbo. The famous Hangzhou Bay Bridge and the deep water port Beilun provide us with convenient transportation conditions and integrate us into the economic circle of the metropolis Shanghai.

    Our company specializes in the design and production of hydraulic motors, hydraulic systems and complete sets of hydraulic equipment. In years of specialized research. Innovation and exploration, with independent research and development, production capabilities. The company has a modern standard workshop and a large number of high-precision, advanced processing equipment, and has a group of strong innovative R & D professional design talent. The company's products in the market to win the customer's wide recognition and good reputation.

    Excellence, innovation is not only a slogan, is every employee branded in the heart of the belief and pursuit. In the market competition of survival of the fittest, quality is the top priority, the company will be persistent faith, spare no effort to pursue the quality of customer satisfaction.

  • 2011years
    Oushijie Hydraulic was founded in
  • 6000
    Company floor area
  • 100+
    Complete range of products
  • Business license
    Patent certificate for utility model
    Patent certificate for utility model
    Patent certificate for utility model
    Patent certificate for utility model
    Patent certificate for utility model
    Years of specialized research. Innovation and exploration in progress
    Our company's products have won widespread
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    Address: Zhenhai District, Ningbo City Jiulong Lake Changshi Samsung Industrial Zone

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